The Fashionable P.I. by Rida Allen
Draumr Publishing, April 2005
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Kim Robinson

Jordan was something else. I was definitely feeling her. Sometimes all the money in the world does not fill up your soul and you have to do something to help others to make your self spiritually whole. That was Jordan. Jordan was a brunette with unique grey colored eyes. She could easily grace the cover of Lane Bryant magazine with her voluptuous body.

Born to the newly richest family in the Pennsylvania community, Jordan Devereaux is the CEO of The House of Devereaux, where they make clothes for the upper class. She also helps to locate runaways for people who could probably never afford to wear the clothes her company creates. She charges a tenth of what any other P.I. would charge because she is not doing it for the money.

Jordan is helping a friend, Val, locate her brother who was orphaned at birth when their parents were killed in a car accident. Val discovers that at the time of death, her mother was pregnant and now wants to find the sibling that was unknown to her. Val was only two and then placed in foster care when her parents died. She has no idea what could have happened to her brother. Jordan finds Jack, Valís long lost brother, and more than she bargained for.

She tells her sister Alison about her secret Private Investigators job and then the drama begins when her sister stands in for her in a case where she has to scour the rough Maryland projects hunting for a runaway teenager.

I give this book a four because I was left with questions at the end.